We support the application by Dr. JJ Soares and HMC Burnaby Urgent Care and Medical Imaging for Standard Health Benefit (SHB) approval. We urge the Bermuda Health Council to approve their outstanding application for coverage of MRI, CT, Xray, Mammography and Ultrasound at HMC. 

HMC is a state-of-the-art facility providing cutting-edge technologies, the most up-to-date and safest scanners, a convenient location and prompt service.

It is unfair, and not in the best interest of patients that other facilities, which have SHB approval, continue to have their approvals automatically rolled over each year, while not  allowing approval for HMC Urgent Care & Medical Imaging.

SHB approval must be granted to ensure insurance reimbursement for all scans done at HMC for every Bermuda patient, especially for those HIP and FutureCare patients who, if HMC is not approved, would likely not have their scans reimbursed there.

Learn about the struggles that HMC has faced in this interview below: