Redesigning the mammography experience with comfort, confidence and clarity.

At HMC Burnaby Urgent Care & Medical Imaging, we believe it’s time to improve the entire mammography experience. HMC Burnaby has a mammography platform that is designed to ease patients’ anxieties and make the overall process of having your annual mammogram as stress-free as possible. Our mammography platform is called the GE Senographe Pristina.

Centered in our sensory suite, our mammogram system is designed to be comfortable and relaxing. Serene and clean, our surroundings feature the display of relaxing widescreen high-definition images of pristine forests, mountain scenes or a calming video of your choice. The Pristina offers unparalleled images in both 2D and 3D with the lowest radiation exposure offered by any modern mammography system.

Many women avoid mammograms because they are averse to having their breasts pressed so that doctors can take images that may detect signs of cancer. GE ­Healthcare’s Senographe Pristina with Dueta allows patients to control the compression themselves using a wireless remote. This restores a degree of control to the patient, alleviating anxiety. Research shows that when women control the pressure applied, they typically apply more than the technologist would have, resulting in better quality images for interpretation.

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