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Open MRI

The OASIS is the most powerful truly open MRI available in the industry.

HMC Burnaby is fortunate to be able to offer the Hitachi OASIS High-Field Open Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). With is open architecture, patients feel less “closed-in” making it the best option not only for claustrophobic patients, but also those of larger physical stature.

Additionally, with its open format, the parent of a small child or the caregiver of an elderly patient can remain directly at the patient’s side throughout the entire exam offering both physical and psychological support.

Additionally, its open format affords superior imaging of certain areas of the body compared to other conventional MRI’s. The area of interest can be situated exactly in the isocenter (area of best focus) of the MRI resulting in the best images possible during the scan.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) generates images of the body without using radiation. Instead, MRI uses a strong magnet and radio waves to create an image. There are no harmful effects associated from creating MRI images.

The OASIS is one of the most modern systems available with superior software and hardware to give the most highly detailed images allowing physicians to make accurate diagnoses using the most powerful magnet available in an open configuration.

Same-day or next-day scans are interpreted by world class radiologists providing 24-hour reports.

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