Dr. JJ Soares returned home to Bermuda in April 1999 after 16 years of medical training, assuming care of Dr. Eugene Harvey’s patients upon his retirement under “The Bermuda Medical Practice” on Gorham Road. The practice was moved in 2007 to Victoria Street as The Hamilton Medical Center Ltd. Offering Urgent Care for walk-in patients, a blood testing laboratory and general ultrasound services in addition to the existing GP practice.

It was always Dr. Soares’ dream to open an urgent care facility in Hamilton offering blood testing as well as a full array of diagnostic capabilities including MRI, CT, X-ray, ultrasound, mammography, bone density and cardiological testing. This facility became a reality in January 2021 with the opening of HMC Burnaby Urgent Care & Medical Imaging on Burnaby Street in Hamilton after six years of planning and three years of construction.

Dr. Soares hopes this facility will serve the Bermuda public as a cutting-edge medical center able to offer same day urgent care assessment, imaging, investigation, diagnosis and treatment, thus enabling patients to return to normal functioning as quickly as possible.